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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saya sayangkan iphone saya..

First and foremost, the Galaxy Nexus is way too big. The 4.65-inch screen is nice when I’m sitting on my couch, but out and about it feels like I’m Zack Morris holding his Gordon Gekko phone.

-While this is really personal preference, I think most people would consider a 3.5" screen small by today's standards.

The camera on the Galaxy Nexus is definitely worse than the iPhone 4S, both in megapixels (8 vs. 5), and in image quality. But the iPhone 4S is also a ridiculously good camera.

-This might be true but I would still like to see some side by side shots to prove it. Megapixels isn't the determining factor of a better camera.

why is there a separate app for Messaging and Google+ Messenger? Apple baked iMessage into their SMS app, why didn’t Google?

-Why would you want Google+ messenger baked into your SMS app? Why even have separate apps for email and SMS then?

Google provides an option to link your Facebook account in Accounts & sync, but it does nothing. I’m sure this is due to the Google/Facebook fracas, but why include something in your OS that is completely broken?

-This was disabled because Facebook wasn't properly adding the contacts to the address book. Until Facebook uses the correct method, there will be no Facebook contact syncing. This is Facebook's issue, not Google's.

Ice Cream Sandwich’s voice command functionality is a joke compared to Siri

-It also hasn't been touched since it was first introduced over a year ago. This was the ONLY new feature on the new 4S, so it better be damn good.

I have to disagree. I find Android’s notification tray to be far less useful than it is on iOS. For example, if I get three new emails, with Android, I just see that I have three new emails all grouped together. With iOS I can see at least some of the context.

-This can be changed in the Gmail settings to alert for every new message, although personally I would find that pretty annoying.

This guy is obviously biased and needs to quit writing reviews for anything but the iPhone.

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