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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tok Sheikh, Ahli Maksiat dan Susu

A young man came to a Sheikh and said : "I am a young man with strong desires. I cannot help looking at women when I am in the bazaar (market). What do I do?" 

The Sheikh handed him A CUP OF MILK THAT WAS FULL TO THE BRIM, and told him to deliver it to an address that would take the young man directly through the bazaar. He then instructed the young man that the milk should not spill, and the young man said that it would not.

The Sheikh then summoned one of his students and told him to accompany the man through the bazaar to the destination, and to severely beat him if any milk were to spill.  The young man successfully took the milk to the destination and returned to give the good news to the Sheikh. The Sheikh asked, "Tell me, how many sights and faces did you see in the bazaar?" The young man replied incredulously : "Sheikh, I didn't even realize what was going on around me. I was only fearful of the beating and disgrace that I would have to endure in public if a drop of milk were to spill."  The Sheikh smiled and said : "It is the same with a believer.

The believer fears that his sins will be a cause of great disgrace for him in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment if his faith were to spill over from his heart."  Such people save themselves from sin because they constantly remain focused on the Day of Judgement ! May Allah swt make us among al-muttaqun

ameen !  () (Quran 24:26))

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