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Monday, March 12, 2012

Apakah Benda Yang Paling Berat Dalam Dunia?

Sekadar berkongsi...

1. The Romanian prime minister has announced he and his government will resign immediately to protect the stability of the country. Emil Boc said on Monday he was resigning "to ease the social situation" – referring to weeks of protests in Romania over austerity measures he introduced in 2010.Boc, who became prime minister in 2008, urged Romania's feuding politicians to be mature and rapidly vote for a new government.

2. Britain's defense minister, Liam Fox, resigned abruptly on Friday after more than a week of damaging newspaper headlines about his personal and professional relationship with a 33-year-old man who accompanied him on numerous official trips abroad and appeared to have brokered access for wealthy people who shared Mr. Fox's interest in fostering still closer ties with the United States and Israel.

3. Barely a week after being appointed Japan trade minister, Yoshio Hachiro quit his post Saturday over controversial remarks he made after a visit to Fukushima Prefecture, rocking a new cabinet that was supposed to shore up a jittery and increasingly beleaguered administration."I am very sorry for the series of inappropriate remarks that hurt the feelings of people in Fukushima," Mr. Hachiro said at a news conference Saturday evening, after a day in which calls for his resignation spread not only within opposition parties but also in the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

4. Gabonese Prime Minister Paul Biyoghe Mba resigned on Monday as required by the constitution following elections that handed his party a resounding victory amid an opposition boycott."I went to tender my resignation from the government to the head of state," he said after meeting with President Ali Bongo, who will decide whether to return him to office.Gabon's constitutional court confirmed on Saturday the landslide win obtained by Bongo's Gabonese Democratic Party (GDP) in the general elections held in December.The party won more than 100 seats in the 120-member parliament. Six districts had their results invalidated and will hold new polls. Turnout in the December elections was barely 35 percent.

5. President Hugo Chavez lost one of his closest and oldest collaborators as Science and Technology Minister Jesse Chacon submitted his resignation after his brother was arrested in connection with the crisis in which state control has been imposed on six banks.

6. Argentina's Transport Minister Juan Pablo Schiavi on Wednesday resigned, citing health reasons, just 14 days after the tragic railway accident in Buenos Aires in which 51 people were killed and 703 were injured, local media reported.The state news agency Telam said Schiavi wrote a letter to President Cristina Fernandez that the resignation is purely due to health problems and he was unable to participate full-time in the large transformation that the transport industry required.

7. A Syrian deputy oil minister says he is resigning to join the revolt against the government.Abdo Hussameddin, 58, announced his defection in a video posted on YouTube. He is the highest level political figure to abandon the government of President Bashar al-Assad since the uprising erupted a year ago.

Sambil rehat2 dekat Gambang,Pahang semalam, aku baca satu poster artikel berkenaan teka teki Imam Ghazali yang bertanyakan kepada anak-anak kecil....benda apakah yang paling berat dalam dunia? Lalu mereka sebutlah bermacam2 benda yang kita tak boleh nak sangkalkan memang berat kandungannya.

Lalu Imam Ghazali menjawab.."Semua tu salah.." Sambung dia, "benda yang paling berat dalam dunia adalah memegang amanah."

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Isa said...

Pun salah jugak... Benda paling berat dalam dunia adalah bela biawak hidup yang ramai di Malaysia nih... hahahaha...

p/s: Rosmah Mansor pun berat jugak beb...

mountdweller said...

Manusia merasakan dirinya berdosa!